For Teachers

If you’ve made it this far, presumably you’re a teacher interested in bring live poets into your classroom.  That’s a great start!  Still, you probably have many questions about how our poets will fit into your classroom.  Here’s a few of the more important ones you might have.  And if you’re still not satisfied – or you just want to book a workshop – drop us a line at  But here’s the FAQs:


My students are (young / old / poetry haters / teenagers / ESL students).  Is Raising Voices appropriate for them?

The short answer?  Yes!

Raising Voices facilitators are adaptable.  We like to find out as much as we can about your students ahead of time, so we can send poets that complement your classroom.  What’s more, we can offer workshops tailored to English, Drama, or Creative Writing classes, good for grades 8 to 12.


That sounds great.  But how much does Raising Voices cost?

That depends what you want.  Here’s a look at what we offer:

  • $300 – Half-day rate: Two poets, (up to) two classes (maximum 35 students each class) within a morning or an afternoon.  Workshops include a short performance, performance exercises, and writing exercises.
  • $500 – Full-day rate: Two poets, (up to) four classes (maximum 35 students each class) over the course of one school day.  Poets can also perform at lunch in the auditorium or library for interested students.
  • $880 – All-Star Slam: General assembly performances geared toward audiences of at least one entire grade or preferably the entire school.  The All-Star Slam brings the poignancy, hilarity and immediacy of slam poetry competitions live to your school, pitting three poetry slam all-stars head to head to head in an all-out battle of poetic nerve and wit.

“The activities were a blast, and a goldmine for me as an educator.”

Paul Collis, Brentwood College

For schools outside of the CRD, additional costs (travel, etc.) may apply.  Don’t be scared off by the numbers!  We like poetry a whole lot more than we like math, and we’ll work hard to get poets into your classroom.  Contact Johnny MacRae at for more information.  

Don’t youth today think poetry is boring?

Well – here’s what Carihi Secondary’s Christine Knight had to say after we brought the All-Star Slam to her students:

“It was a nice surprise for many students who see poetry as a BAD thing.  Some balked at the idea of a poetry show, but you changed their mind about what it could be like.  I think we will have some future slam poets coming out of our school now!”


What do the workshops consist of?

A combination of performance and exercises.  Our poets begin the workshop with an introduction to slam and spoken word, a performance of some of their pieces, and then lead the class through a variety of exercises that bring attention to methods for speaking poems aloud, or techniques for building a poem out of any piece of writing.  Sharing is encouraged, in any form.  Our workshops are engaging and hands on!


How long do the workshops last?

That depends on how long you want.  As short as thirty minutes, as long as all day.  As long as we know beforehand, our poets can adapt their planning to your needs.


Is there a best practice to prepare students for these workshops?

As long as students have at least a pen and a pad, that’s all we need.  But if you want to get them in the mood, slam poetry videos are easy to find on YouTube, and if they want to bring in pre-existing material to work on, our poets can offer support to them.


Is there a limit to the number of students who can participate in a workshop?

In order to maximize the ability of the poets to give attention to workshop participants and keep exercises moving along smoothly, we prefer if there are no more than 35 students in a workshop.  Our poets can work with a larger group, but we find students get more out of the workshops in smaller ones.


What else do you need to know ahead of time?

Mostly that’s it.  Once you contact us, we’ll be in touch soon after to make sure we’ve got our bases covered.


What if I wanted to start a Slam or Poetry club?

General assembly shows like the All-Star Slam are excellent at inspiring students to get involved.  We can also offer advice on organizing a slam, running exercises, and getting involved in competitions like Victorious Voices, or Hullabaloo.  Raising Voices facilitators help organize tournaments, festivals, and performance series, when they’re not writing and performing, or facilitating workshops, so we have the experience to help.


How soon can we book you?

Right away!  It never hurts if we have at least three weeks notice, especially if a visit involves travel, but we are ready to go whenever you are.  Just contact us at