School Workshops




Welcome to Raising Voices!  This is the Victoria Poetry Project’s official poetry outreach program.  You can scroll down to find out more about who we are and what sorts of programming we offer.  Or, if you just want to get information straight from the source, get in touch with us at:

What is Raising Voices?

Raising Voices is a program that links Vancouver Island’s schools and community organizations with amazing poets based in Victoria.  When professional poets walk into the classroom, poetry becomes more alive and more relevant to both students and educators.  Raising Voices turns the poetry haters into poetry lovers.  Are you a curious teacher?  Here’s the best place for you to go.  Do you want to meet our poets?  Find them here!  Want to know more?  Check out our About page.


What information can you give me?

That all depends on who you are.  Are you a teacher, or a community organizer?  Then you’re probably interested in knowing more about our workshops.  Are you a student?  Then you might be curious as to how you and your school can get involved in Victorious Voices, or where you can find information about poetry slams.  Are you a fan of poetry? a parent? a curious individual?  Then just read everything!

Why am I here?

Because the magic of the internet brought us together.  That, and you’re probably familiar with the Victoria Poetry Project’s existing programs, Tongues of Fire and Vic Slam, or with the outreach work of Jeremy Loveday, who’s one of our amazing poets!  Either way, we’re always happy to make new friends.

What makes Raising Voices so great?

We bring students, teachers, or anyone who’s interested into contact with amazing spoken word poets.  Do you think poetry is synonymous with boredom, or dead white men?  Raising Voices can change all that!

Really? You can do that?

You better believe it!  We’ll send you a pair of poets who’ll combine live performance, hilarious or thought-provoking exercises, and fearless classroom leadership, to show you what a great poet you never realized you were – or just how great poetry can be.

Do you really think the youth today will like your poetry?

If they don’t like it, they’ll love it!  Fast-talking, energetic, and down-to-earth, we’ll give them poetry like they’ve never experienced it before.

That sounds awesome!  How do I get poets in my classroom?

Contact us at  Or just ask us any questions you may have.  Once your request or question is received, you can expect a prompt reply.